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Tudor's gallery
Voinea Tudor Alexandru - photographer

I like the instantaneous and the scenery photographs,
the portraits, but I cannot let this new technique
of taking photographs pass by. I want to believe that
the HDR technique has an important role
in the evolution of photography.

Marin Ştefan Cosmin - photographer

I have been passionate about photography since high school,
probably since I was in the 10th class. During the holidays
my family and I used to go to the mountains and I took
photographs with a Chinese camera, those of the pocket type.
I was not happy with the results, of course, so I started
to read more about the art of photography. Having read
a few books, I attended a photo club and, after I graduated
high school, I attended the courses of Scoala Populara de Arte,
the photography section. Then I worked as a photoreporter
in the written media for about 5 years.
Now I am working in the IT and my old passion for photography
came back when I was sent a link about the HDR photography.